Pina Colada Sorbet (and other flavors)

sorbet20 oz. can pineapple chunks or crushed
½ c.  coconut milk
¼ c. honey or agave (opt)

Pour pineapple plus the juice into a covered container
and freeze.  Remove from freezer, thaw
slightly.  Cut frozen pineapple into
chunks and place in blender or food processor.
Add coconut milk and blend until creamy.
Serve immediately in small bowls or refreeze in another container to use
at a later date.  Repeat thaw and blend process before serving.                                              Serve alone or topped with fresh fruit.

Variations:  Try one
fruit or combinations of other frozen fruits:

Mangos with pineapple juice and honey.  Follow main directions.

Strawberries, kiwi and/or  bananas with 6 T. lime juice, ¼ c. honey.  Peel, slice kiwi and freeze.

Raspberries, ¼ c. dairy free milk, ¼ c. honey

Peaches n’ Cream      peaches , ½ c. frozen dairy free milk, ¼ c. honey .  Follow directions above.

Watermelon 8 c. cubed and seeded, ½ c dairy free milk, ¼ c. honey,  2 T lemon juice. Blend, freeze. Follow directions above.

May substitute  ½ cup of orange or pineapple juice for other liquids in some of these recipes before blending.

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