Tofu Facts

Silken tofuTofu is a great, versatile food product made from soybeans.  It absorbs flavors from other foods or flavorings used with it, which is one reason it is so versatile.   It has been used in Asian cooking for over 2000 years!

Tofu is low in calories and fat and high in protein and a good source of calcium.  One half cup of tofu provides:
95 calories
10 grams of protein
230 grams of calcium
4 grams of iron
1.5 to 5 grams of fat (depending on variety)

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Purchase an organic, non GMO brand of tofu for a healthier product.

Tofu may be used in a wide variety of recipes from breakfast or dinner entrees to smoothies and desserts.

Some recipes require you to press the tofu to remove excess liquid.  This will result in a firmer product for dishes such as scrambled tofu or tofu stir fry.

To press tofu, open the package and pour off liquid. Remove tofu from the package and place on a plate.  Place a small cutting board on top of the tofu.  Place weight on the cutting board.  You may use a can of beans, for example.  Let the weight sit on the tofu for 15-20 mins. Remove weight and cutting board.  Drain off the water from the plate. Your tofu is ready to use in your favorite recipe.

Try freezing tofu for a chewy texture to use in many entrees.  Drain the water from the tofu package.  Place in a closed container and freeze for a couple of days.  Thaw in the refrigerator.  Press out excess water and use in your favorite recipe.

Marinate cubed tofu in herbs, spices, crushed garlic or sauces before using in some entrees, soups or stews.

Tofu can be boiled in a vegetable broth to make delicious soups.

Look for tofu recipes under each category on this website.

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