Celiac diet

The good news is that celiac disease is treated through a gluten elimination diet.  Wonderful gluten free recipes abound, more restaurants offer gluten free fare and grocery stores carry a variety of tasty products and ingredients.  Gluten free bakeries are popping up around the country.  Bread, pizza, pasta, soups, pancakes, cereals, cookies, crackers, cakes and other gluten free staples and goodies may remain a part of your daily menu.  Look for gluten free Bisquik in the baking aisle of your local grocery store as well as breads and waffles in the freezer section. Prepared items and gluten free ingredients tend to be pricey.  However, it is less-costly to make many scrumptious baked goods at home and they are as easy to prepare as their gluten counterparts.  It’s difficult to make a good gluten free bread.  That is one item worth the purchase price.

Be aware that beer, whiskey, gin as well as some lipstick and other cosmetics contain gluten.

Almond milk, soy milk or rice milk can be substituted for dairy milk and they taste great!.  Many other soy products are available, including soy cheese, mayo, maragarine and yogurt.  Delicious puddings and other desserts, soups, sandwich fillings and numerous entrees can be made with tofu.

It is important to focus on the healthful foods that you may eat, which are many, and not include more empty calorie foods to subconsciously make up for the elimination of gluten containing foods.  Gluten free does not mean that the food is healthier; it simply means that it will not cause an inflammatory response in a person with celiac disease.  Your body needs the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients from a variety of fruit, vegetables, grains and nuts for optimal health.  Persons with celiac disease need to be more conscious of getting the necessary daily fiber in their diet from fruit, vegetables and gluten free whole grains.  Quinoa and ground flaxseed are excellent sources of gluten-free fiber and protein. Women need 30- 40 grams of fiber per day while men require 40-50 grams.  Along with fiber, it is important to drink  6-8 glasses (8 oz. each) of water each day.

I will be posting some gluten free recipes and encourage you to share some of your favorites as well.

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